We are delighted to announce that Abbey St Bathans Hall is now completed!


A report on the story of the hall build, including a virtual tour, can be viewed here

In the meantime, please get in touch if you’d like to look round: hello@pactrust.org.uk

To book the hall please email: abbeystbathanshall@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at a community event there soon – watch this space for details!


Huge thanks go to the hall committee and PACT sub-committee for the hall for all their work seeing it through to completion, to the architects (Camerons Architects from Galashiels), builders (Jon Cruikshank and sons) and of course to our funders (Aikengall II Community Wind Company Ltd, Penmenshiel Energy Ltd and Quixwood Moor Windfarm)



Nov 2020 update

Between late May to early August, most of the work has taken place inside the hall.
The first fix plumbing and plastering is complete. The underfloor heating is under the
floor and there are pipes and wires sprouting from the walls awaiting the imminent ‘second fix’. Inevitably and principally due to Covid-19, there have been more than the usual hold-ups with the manufacture and delivery of materials, particularly the doors, windows and roofing panels. We decided in early summer, in consultation with the
building contractor and architect, to temporarily suspend work until such time that enough materials were on site. This took 6 weeks.
During the builder’s absence, the borehole was drilled with an excellent supply of water located at 87 metres, not at the expected 60 metres. This has added to cost as we very nervously added yet more lengths to the drilling rig. In time, this water supply will prove to be an invaluable asset to the residents of Abbey St Bathans,
however there will be further additional costs with some treatment required and to pay for the extra depth drilled.
The doors and windows and roofing sheets are now on site, the builders are back full time and good progress is being made.
With these delays, there is little point yet in setting unachievable completion targets for an opening party, especially since none of us can attend under the current regulations.
The project is on course and we will be mowing the hall grass next summer.

2019 update

When the community consultation highlighted that a new village hall should be built at Abbey St Bathans as a top priority, PACT set to work.

Tenders were sought and Camerons of Galashiels were selected to take the project through the planning process. Camerons had renewed an old hall, identical to ours at Fountainhall, and is keen on community projects.

In June 2018, we were awarded £30,770 from the Quixwood Moor Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund, managed by County Durham Com

munity Foundation. This will enable us to get more detailed designs and take it through the planning process.

You can download the i
Abbey St Bathans Hallnitial design statement here.

Now that we have more detailed drawings, we will hold a community meeting in October 2018 to discuss the plans. Notice of the meeting will be sent to local residents.