The Community Council (CC) and PACT have, for some time, been investigating how to improve broadband services in our area. This has proved to be harder than first thought. The following is an update on how things have, or not, progressed.

Berwickshire Community Broadband 

The CC, along with four other CC areas, did a massive amount of work with Community Broadband Scotland (CBS). There was a substantial amount of money available, but no guarantee of a bidder for our proposal. As you may have read, CBS then ran into their own troubles and, on their advice, the proposal was dropped. A failed bid would have put us at the bottom of the list for the R100 build. Reaching 100% is backed by the Scottish Government.

802 Event wi-fi

A representative from 802 Events came and gave a very encouraging report on a new form of broadband, using ‘white space’ technology. This can travel through trees and is able to bend a little around hills. Unfortunately, this never got past the talking stage as to the company was unable to secure space on the mobile phone masts in our area.

Lothian Broadband

We contacted this company several times and though they promised to get back to us we are still waiting. They seem to have bigger fish to fry just now.


This point to point wireless link was very promising and certainly looked hopeful. Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of money involved, we have put this to one side just now and it may be something we revisit.


We still intend to improve broadband in our area. It might be that that we work with Openreach or Borderlink to make sure we all receive superfast broadband in the future.